Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brave New Worship with Kelanie Gloeckler

On March 21, Kelanie Gloeckler is coming our way to lead us in an awesome night of worship. Our history with her is interesting. A couple years ago, I actually purchased a CD by her but just didn't connect with it then. Don't really know why; it just wasn't happening for me. Then this past spring, Ryan and Megan Fluetsch returned from a trip to the Lakeland Revival raving about this fantastic worship leader who's music was all about the cross. They brought me one of her CDs (different than the one I had purchased--which I now enjoy), and I listened to it thoroughly enjoying the songs. Since then MDCC has experienced powerful worship with her music: Hallelujah, I'm am free. Sin and death have no hold on me..... Hallelujah, the lamb of God has overcome. Three days to beat the grave and win me back..... Beautiful Redeemer, I am yours, forever I'll sing to bring you glory.....

In the fall, I received a phone call from Bill Maher who shared with me that he felt we should invite Kelanie to come to us to lead a worship event. As we discussed it, I sensed the Holy Spirit was behind this even though I wasn't sure how it fit with the direction of our body. I discussed it with Pete and Lisa and we were all in unity that this was a go. I don't think any of were sure of the "why" but were convinced that we needed to respond to the Holy Spirit in faith and obedience.

Since that decision, the Lord has been speaking to me! I am so very excited about this event. He's really up to something. Here's what I wrote in a letter to area pastors and worship leaders:

We're inviting you, your worship team, and your congregation to BRAVE NEW WORSHIP--a special regional event with worship leader, Kelanie Gloeckler. We are hosting this worship night in response to a prompting from the Holy Spirit who has been doing an amazing work in our body. Over the past couple years, MDCC has been experiencing an increase in God's powerful presence as we've learned to worship out of a revelation of the cross. As we've corporately declared our thankfulness for freedom from sin's power and our inseparable union with Christ, and as we've exclaimed our praises to the One who did it all, we've found ourselves stepping into a new dimension in worship. Out of this heavenly atmosphere the Father has released supernatural activity resulting in hearts restored, bodies healed, finances increased, relatives saved, freedom from unbelief and demonic oppression, and more.

Recently, we've been hearing a call from the Holy Spirit to go all the way--to courageously give ourselves over, body and soul, to our convictions of the truth of the finished work of the cross, to worship without unbelief, and to embrace our Redeemer with our whole beings. He's calling us into a brave new worship that will have marked impact in the church and region. We've invited Kelanie Gloeckler to lead this night of worship because she is a prophetic worship leader who loves the message of the cross and has written songs to declare its power......

So hang on tight, worship community! The bar has been raised, the stakes are higher, and we are in for a whole new thing requiring supernatural courage and explosive faith. I confess I have no idea what we are in for, but I know that it can only be good since we have a God who's passionate about us and passionate about his worship. I hope to gather us together in the near future, before March 21, to share even more about the Lord is speaking to me regarding this brave new worship. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome to my blog!

At last, the worship ministry of MDCC has a blog! In this blog I hope to share with you some insights the Lord gives me as I read the scriptures, and as he shares his heart with me about his worship. Ever since I became part of the worship community at MDCC (Easter, 1997), I've been on a journey to discover what worship really is, what really happens in worship, and why I've given my life to serve and administer worship for the Lord. It's something that burns in me, and I can't resist the desire to make music to the Lord.

Over the past couple years, the Lord has been teaching me in the scriptures many things about his worship. I've been amazed by the multi-faceted affects of our worship to God and how he responds to our wholehearted praises. There is so much substance in worship! I love it! It's my desire that the posts here truly encourage every reader and prompt many encouraging and insightful comments.