Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome to my blog!

At last, the worship ministry of MDCC has a blog! In this blog I hope to share with you some insights the Lord gives me as I read the scriptures, and as he shares his heart with me about his worship. Ever since I became part of the worship community at MDCC (Easter, 1997), I've been on a journey to discover what worship really is, what really happens in worship, and why I've given my life to serve and administer worship for the Lord. It's something that burns in me, and I can't resist the desire to make music to the Lord.

Over the past couple years, the Lord has been teaching me in the scriptures many things about his worship. I've been amazed by the multi-faceted affects of our worship to God and how he responds to our wholehearted praises. There is so much substance in worship! I love it! It's my desire that the posts here truly encourage every reader and prompt many encouraging and insightful comments.


  1. I look forward to being spurred on into the depths of worship as you share your heart!

  2. Sweeeeet!! Love IT! So blessed by your leadership Pastor Shelley! I look forward to supporting and discovering with you!! GO FOR HIM!

  3. Sweeeeet!! Love it!! So thankful for your leadership Pastor Shelley. Look forward to supporting and discovering with you.